In the face of an ever-changing global landscape, business continuity and resilience have climbed the ranks to become a top priority in boardrooms worldwide. This shift is far from surprising, considering the escalating number of incidents and changes impacting organizations – from supply chain disruptions and extreme weather events, to civil unrest and new incoming resilience regulations.

As a result, there has been a significant uptick in organizations investing in corporate training to better equip their teams and staff. By fostering a culture of preparedness, organizations can navigate disruptions with confidence and ensure the continuity of their operations.

Tailored training

BCI Corporate Education offers bespoke business continuity and organizational resilience training solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of your organization, regardless of its size or industry sector. We provide flexible scheduling and format options (online or in-person) to accommodate your team’s availability and geographical distribution.

In addition, our E-Learning courses offer the convenience of bulk registration for your staff. Alternatively, you can integrate these courses into your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS) for added flexibility.

Our courses are led by BCI Approved Instructors who enhance the learning experience with relevant examples, case studies, and ideas tailored to your specific industry. This approach not only improves the relevance of the training but also boosts staff engagement and the overall effectiveness of the program.

BCI Corporate Education

Courses Description
BCI Business Continuity Basics (E-Learning) 30 minute course for providing awareness and often used as part of embedding and staff induction programmes.
BCI Introduction to Business Continuity (E-Learning)  3-4 hour course aimed at managers that have some business continuity responsibilities, sometimes referred to as business continuity champions.
Introduction to Business Continuity (instructor-led) 1-day course designed for managers and team members that have business continuity responsibilities and need to implement a Business Continuity Management System, and how their responsibilities fit into the wider organizational plan.
CBCI Certification Course (instructor-led) 3-5 day course aimed at professionals with significant business continuity responsibilities and/or are managing a business continuity programme.

Engaging & effective corporate training 

In partnership with our global network of Licensed Training Partners, the BCI delivers a suite of tailored courses and solutions to meet the diverse needs of any organization. We offer both E-learning and in-person options for maximum flexibility. Additionally, the BCI provides a range of Specialism Courses to further enhance your organization’s resilience.

74% of respondents stated that having certified members within their business continuity team had a direct, positive effect on their organization’s resilience.

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  • A fantastic course. Extremely well put together and delivered on all counts. The exam was incredibly hard but the advice and guidance of the instructor [James McAlister] was spot on and it is all down to the amount of revision effort put in by the student. I would recommend this course and method of learning to anyone who was interested in attaining the CBCI qualification.
    BC Training 120 x 120.png
    Louise Parker - CBCI Student with BC Training

    , Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

  • Your training - it was engaging and informative, so well delivered. I really related to some of the examples you provided and that helped me a lot to put context to what we were discussing.
  • The course was an enriching experience. I'm very happy to have chosen the classroom version of the training. I loved the networking opportunity it offered me and my BC peers. 

  • Many thanks for the course last week I really enjoyed it and thought that the discussions in the room were very useful in giving lots of different perspectives.

  • We would highly recommend the course: as BC professionals the experience shared by the tutor and other participants was enlightening and the GPG have definitely helped to better understand some steps of the methodology. 

  • The training was very rewarding. I appreciated a lot. The instructor was knowledgeable on the subject matter, he provided clear examples and he asked questions to the participants which further enriched the training with the exchanges of experiences and best practices.
  • As a BCI Licensed Training Partner, we take great pride in training delegates to achieve their CBCI certification and then seeing them go on to flourish in their careers. Having an internationally recognised qualification in business continuity is of great value as it demonstrates proficiency in business continuity. 

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