E-learning: Introduction to Business Continuity

Grasp the foundations of business continuity at your own pace.

Introduction to Business Continuity is an interactive self-paced eLearning course designed for professionals looking to gain an understanding of the importance of business continuity and will learn how the BCM Lifecycle, as described in the Good Practice Guidelines (2018 Edition), can be applied to their organization.


Course Outline 

  • Module One: Introduction

  • Module Two: Policy and Programme Management and Embedding

  • Module Three: Analysis

  • Module Four: Design

  • Module Five: Implementation

  • Module Six: Validation

Introduction to Business Continuity


Whilst there is no formal examination for this course, students will be encouraged to download a personal Action Plan to complete in the ‘Think about your organization’ section, this plan can be taken away and referred to after the course has been completed.

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