Individual Membership

Certified Membership
BCI Individual Membership CBCI

Professionals  awarded with the Certificate of the BCI have demonstrated sound knowledge of the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) and have passed the CBCI Exam. 

BCI Individual Membership AMBCI

Associate Members of the BCI have a foundational understanding of business continuity and resilience with an awareness of different approaches and school of thought.

BCI Individual Membership MBCI

Members have a comprehensive understanding of business continuity and resilience with the ability to evaluate complex information and can apply this to solve problems.

BCI Individual Membership FBCI

Fellowship is awarded to those who can develop original thinking to build organizational resilience and apply advanced understanding to solve complex problems.


Certified Membership Benefits

Just a few of the benefits of BCI Certified Membership include...

Advance your career with BCI Mentoring 

Find a mentor, or offer your expertise and become one*. Professionals looking to gain, or offer insight into specific areas of business continuity and resilience can find one another through this programme.

*MBCI & FBCI grades can apply to be a mentor



Gain access to member-only research and articles

Foresee future trends and incoming industry changes with our renowned  member-only research reports, plus get access to member-only articles, interviews and case studies.

BCI Mentoring Benefits Research


Network and learn easily, with discounts on selected BCI products & events*

With a BCI Membership, you will receive discounts on BCI products such as training courses, events and conferences, including our flagship conference, BCI World! 

*Discounts vary by membership grade

BCI Mentoring Benefits Events Discounts


Free Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) download 

All BCI Members are able to download a digital copy of the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) -  the definitive guide for business continuity and resilience professionals, and the principles on which our training and certification is based. 

BCI Membership Benefits GPG


Go further in your career with Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD allows you to develop your expertise, grow professionally, and enhance your career as a member of the BCI. CPD hours are awarded for activities such as attending events & seminars, completing BCI training courses and reading research reports . CPD provides you with an opportunity to upgrade your BCI Membership.

BCI Mentoring Benefits CPD


Non-Certified Membership

A BCI Membership for every level of experience

If you are a student studying for a resilience degree, you can apply for BCI Student Membership here.

If you are starting out in the resilience industry, or you are a professional looking into membership options, the BCI Affiliate Membership is designed for you. Easily apply online without having to complete a course or exam. 

Non-Certified Affiliate Membership