Once you pass the CBCI Exam, you will be eligible to become a CBCI member and use the CBCI post-nominal, as well as access various benefits. Depending on your level of experience, you can upgrade your membership to AMBCI or MBCI.

The CBCI  is a globally recognised certification for professionals who wish to begin or move into a career where they must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business continuity.

What are the benefits for CBCI Members?

CBCI Grade


Your next steps as a CBCI Member

The CBCI Certificate is valid for three years. Passing the CBCI exam gives you one year free access to the CBCI membership post-nominals and benefits. During this time, we recommend that you upgrade your membership by applying for AMBCI or MBCI membership grades. If you choose not to upgrade from CBCI to AMBCI or MBCI, your membership will be downgraded to Affiliate once the validity period expires. This will result in a reduction of membership benefits. However, you can utilise the CBCI certification you previously acquired by leveraging your competencies to apply for AMBCI or MBCI at a later time.

Once you pass your CBCI Exam, you'll receive a free one-year membership that will allow you to use the CBCI post-nominal designation. If you want to keep using these post-nominals for the entire three-year duration of your CBCI certification, you'll need to pay an annual membership fee.

Further education & training options

Gain more in-depth and specialised knowledge of business continuity and related resilience disciplines Specialism Courses:

Progress your professional development even more, with these advanced E-Learning courses:

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