Professionals/practitioners with an AMBCI grade possess a foundational understanding of business continuity management with an awareness of different approaches, and they apply this knowledge in daily work to carry out well-defined tasks. To become an AMBCI member, you passed the CBCI Exam, as we currently do not have a route into certified AMBCI membership based purely on work experience.  

What are the benefits that you can access?



Are you eligible for AMBCI Membership?

  • Applicants must have passed the CBCI exam (taken at any time since 2008) OR hold the Business Continuity Management BCI Diploma.
  • Applicants must have completed at least 20 hours of CPD in the past 12 months.

  • Applicants also need be able to prove they meet the ‘Foundational’ level as detailed in the Competency Framework.

What documents do AMBCI Applicants have to submit?

To upgrade to the AMBCI grade you will need to:

  • Record CPD via your online profile. This should amount to at least 20 hours, within the 12 months and must show how you have kept your knowledge and skill set up to date.
  • Submit your current CV/Resume detailing all roles and responsibilities to date.
  • Submit a Candidate Self-Assessment form.
  • Submit the AMBCI Application form - applicants must supply evidential statements against five of the 11 Competency areas:
    • Three evidential statements must be from any of the Leadership & Management Competency areas
    • Two evidential statements must be from any of the Professional Practice Competency areas.

For each competency and element that you complete, your evidence must demonstrate that you meet at least the Foundational competency level. 

The evidential statements must be written in terms of the STAR technique; describing the Situation, the Tasks, Actions, and Results in which the competency was demonstrated. 

Full guidance is given on the AMBCI Application form. 

Further education & training options:

Gain more in-depth and specialised knowledge of some of the stages of the BCM Lifecycle with these  Specialism Courses:

Progress your professional development even more, with these advanced BCI courses:

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