BCI World 2019 Careers Corner


By popular demand, we are back for our second year and, once again, we are here for you. But what, you may ask is the Careers Corner? Good question. Pull up a chair and let us begin….

Starting out and moving your career forward is always a challenge, especially when we work in an environment where we may be one of only a small number of (or even the only!) BC & resilience specialists in a larger organisation. How do you start your career? What training and support is available? How can you get a mentor to help guide you through the opportunities?  What have other people done? What does a typical career path look like, (if there is such a thing)? How do I advance my career and what are the options? The questions could go on forever, so we have developed the Careers Corner to try to help you get the answers.

Over the two days of BCI World, we will be running workshops, interviews and interactive sessions with BC professionals just like you: Some who are just starting off their careers in BC & resilience as well as some of our colleagues who are now looking for the next steps to move their professional experience and careers forward. If you have questions about your career, we are here to help you find the answers.

Telling you how they have developed their careers, we have “Personal-Journey” talks from Fiona Batson, now a BC specialist with PWC and Rachel Wright, a Coventry University student currently working with South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue as part of her sandwich degree course. We will also be running discussion sessions with mentees such as Rina Singh MBCI, a resilience specialist with Network Rail and her mentor Russ Parramore on how mentoring can help support personal development; plus, we will also have some interviews with experienced practitioners discussing how they got to where they are now. (And why!)

As well as all this, we will have “Open-House” sessions during lunch and coffee breaks throughout the period of the Exhibition. We look forward to seeing you there!

Your Hosts,

Russ Parramore, MBCI & Stephen Nuttall, FBCI.

Browse the sessions below to find out what's on and remember these sessions are free to attend for conference delegates or anyone who has registered for a FREE exhibition visitor pass