Moving to hybrid multicloud? How do you plan to mitigate risks to your business?

  • 16 Dec 2019

Reducing risks and optimizing the value of hybrid multicloud require a new resilience approach.

The move to hybrid multicloud is already a reality for many organizations and inevitable for others. The shift unintentionally brings a set of complexities that can strain traditional approaches to business continuity, availability and compliance. Organizations moving to hybrid multicloud must address the complex resilience challenges up front to ensure that their journey has minimal risk. The true business value of hybrid multicloud can be realized only with an agile resilience strategy as its backbone.

Read the Pathfinder paper “Mitigating Risks in the Hybrid Multicloud Journey: Resilience Imperatives” by 451 Research, sponsored by IBM, to gain valuable insights into the:

  • Drivers and complexities of hybrid multicloud
  • Resilience imperatives in the era of new risks
  • Resilience requirements in hybrid multicloud
  • Approaches to achieving greater resilience

Read the paper to also learn about 451 Research’s recommendations on what you can do to improve the reliability and resilience of your application environments.        


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