Operational Resilience under the Spotlight

  • 30 Oct 2019
  • Catherine
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I attended and presented at the Operational Resilience Under the Spotlight event on the 23rd October in Glasgow at Morgan Stanley that was organised jointly by the BCI Scotland Chapter and the ISACA Scottish Chapter. This event was to explore organisations’ sustainability and growth in an operating environment.  Attendees were from a range of sectors; most from Financial Services (all retail banks present in Scotland as well as some insurers), consulting/professional services, IT service providers, councils and other government related groups, universities and the energy sector.

PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) led the presentations, discussing operational resilience and the successes and lessons learnt from incidents in the company and how the company works to ensure operations resilience.

I then delivered the BCI’s Organization Resilience report findings which contained perspective and examples from BCI members at a management level and from different sectors in the industry.

After the presentations, there was an interactive and explorative panel discussion with those who presented as well as those from Morgan Stanley.  The discussion looked at;

  • key takeaways to focus on
  • how operational resilience changes the practices of risk management
  • what is foreseen as being the biggest challenge to coordinate managing operational resilience
  • the amount people and culture play in an organisations resilience strategy
  • the approach that organisations could take
  • what is the academic view on how developed research is on operational resilience and how it can better equip practitioners
  • what are the critical success factors of operational resilience
  • how are organisations measuring and demonstrating their resilience.

About the author
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Catherine Windust (nee Thomas)

Research & Insight Manager

Catherine holds a MBCI and (Research and Insight Manager) and comes from a resilience background in central and local government with a particular focus in public health and community incident response.  Catherine holds a Masters in Forensic Investigation from Cranfield University and a BSc in Forensic Investigation from Canterbury Christ Church University.  She has a background in research from an analytical and qualitative perspective and has a particular interest in delving into the qualitative detail behind our surveys through investigative research