BCI Training Film - Practice Makes Perfect

The Business Continuity Institute

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trainingUsing a theatrical analogy, this clear, concise, and visually interesting 20 minute film demonstrates how performance (BC plan) is rehearsed – from simple desktop exercising through to more complex scenarios. The film is engaging and achieves a robust mix of practical training and engaging drama viewed through the eyes of a BCM Practitioner.

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Important notice

You may not rent, sell, lease, sublicense, distribute, assign, use as a teaching aid, use in exercises, copy (other than a single copy for your own backup purposes), or in any way transfer the BCI film or use the BCI film for the benefit of any third party. Any breach of the terms and conditions brought to the attention of the Institute will be in breach of the Institute’s Code of Conduct and will be considered under the Institute’s Complaints Procedure.

Please note that by downloading a copy of the film you are agreeing to the BCI and Crisis Guardian contacting you with special offers and information about products and services.


The BCI and Crisis Guardian developed this film before the launch of ISO22301 so some of the references in the material may be out of date. We believe, however, that  general content, principles and learning outcomes are still very useful and it is on this basis that the content is shared.