eLearning: Business Continuity Basics

This course is designed for those just starting out with business continuity. If you are looking for a short overview – up to 30 minutes - of the basics principles to help you understand the topic and to help you start thinking about business continuity in your role or business, then this is the course for you



It will help you ...

  • Understand the key business continuity concepts and terminology in plain English
  • Appreciate why business continuity is important to organizations and the benefits it brings
  • Start you thinking about some of the incidents that could impact your organization



The course should take 25 – 30 minutes and you can study whenever you like, by purchasing this course, you will have 30 days access from the date you receive your registration eLearning link. The course can be used on mobile, tablet and desktop. 

The course is designed to be informative and interactive:

  • Concepts and terminology explained in non-jargon, plain English
  • Animated videos
  • Interactive scenarios and questions to get you thinking
  • Real world case studies to get you thinking about your own organization

If you are looking to embed business continuity within your organization then this course will meet your needs – short, sharp, and to the point – to give non-BC staff the knowledge they need in under 30 minutes. For more information on purchasing a company licence contact [email protected]