Office SRC is the first BCI Licensed Training Partner based in Japan. The company has been established since 2020 and is an independent consulting firm covering business continuity, disaster preparedness and risk management. Since its inception it has been providing consultancy work for multiple companies in various industries and local governments. Therefore, they provide training based on their experience and deep understanding of the Good Practice Guidelines and various international standards through their practice.

They are still a small company; however, they are continually updating themselves with the latest trends and thought leadership through international networking, including at BCI events. This enables them to provide training with an understanding of global trends and the latest information.


Win Aoyama 1214, 2-2-15
Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0062 Japan

Meet the Instructors

  • Kuniyuki Tashiro Photo.jpg

    Kuniyuki Tashiro FBCI

    Kuniyuki Tashiro has been a BCI Approved Instructor since 2021 and delivered the first CBCI training course in Japanese.
    Kuniyuki has been a member of the BCI since 2008 and currently serves the Japanese Chapter as a committee member.
    Since 2005 he has provided a consulting service in business continuity and disaster response for various sectors including manufacturing, IT services, financial services, logistics, hotels, retailing, and local governments.
    He has spoken at some of BCI’s conferences in London (2015, 2013, 2012, 2011), Malaysia (2019, 2018), and China (2012). He also contributed articles on the BCI blog.
    He is keen to popularise business continuity for small and medium enterprises through various seminars, workshops, and articles.
    He also has experience as a Business Continuity Manager for a manufacturing company, and an IT Systems Administrator for an auto manufacturer.



+81 70 4476 3072


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