BCI Member Participation Groups (MPGs) are vital in identifying, refining, and enhancing the benefits offered to members and the wider community. Comprising of dedicated volunteer members, these groups provide valuable expertise in shaping and testing membership products and services. 

Benefits of joining an MPG

  • Boost your industry visibility by contributing expertise to BCI's publications, events and website through articles, blogs, speaking engagements, and thought leadership pieces.
  • Collaborate with professionals to expand your network.
  • Get priority access to exclusive discounts on products or services developed by the participation group and stay ahead of industry trends.
  • Active participation in the group's activities contributes to the Significant Voluntary Contribution requirement for Fellowship of the BCI (FBCI) membership. This enhances your credentials and demonstrates your commitment to professional growth.

Examples of previous BCI Member Participation Groups

The call for participation for these groups is now closed, however this list should give an idea of the types of Member Participation Groups that become available.

  • Mentoring MPG
  • Translation MPG
  • Programme Advisory Group for BCI World Hybrid

To join a BCI Member Participation Group please complete the registration form by following the link below. The BCI Membership Experience team will review your eligibility and add you to the group. They will also keep you informed about any member group activities.

For further information please download the Terms of Reference document below. If you have any queries regarding the member participation programme, please email [email protected].

BCI Member Participation Groups (MPG) Terms of Reference


Opportunities for Member Participation Groups are usually communicated via marketing emails and news articles on our website. Please ensure you have selected to receive the relevant communications on your account

For any queries regarding BCI Member Participation Groups please contact us.