Empowering your resilience

C2 is an established Business Continuity software provider with a continuing commitment to its customers. Our mission is to provide intuitive and innovative solutions for the global business resilience market and reshape the industry as we know it today.

We are constantly thriving to make our users experience easier and more effective, it is this continual collaboration with our customers before, during and after adoption of our software, which creates a relationship like no other. We don’t have pushy sales reps or outdated software, we are a think tank for industry innovation with a creative team of designers, developers, and technical support staff working together to push the boundaries of business resilience software provision.

We are continually building upon our world leading Business Continuity Management Software (BCMS) solutions with a full suite of business resilience applications. Effective business continuity planning is essential in making sure your organisation continues to perform in the face of crisis. Our web-based tools are designed to manage all your business continuity requirements and assure business resilience across your enterprise.

We work with some of the world's largest organisations across a variety of industry sectors. We are a voice for our customers and work daily to make their jobs easier and their businesses more resilient.


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