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F24 AG

We are Europe’s leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for incident and crisis management, emergency notification, as well as for business messaging. With FACT24 we offer a highly innovative solution that supports clients worldwide in the efficient and successful management of incidents, emergencies and crises. In addition, the eCall platform offers solutions for high-volume confidential communications within the corporate environment More than 3,000 clients worldwide rely on our SaaS solutions to meet their needs for crisis management or the daily communication of confidential information. Our clients operate in virtually every sector ranging from energy, healthcare, industry, finance, IT, tourism and aviation through to a wide variety of public organisations. Our many years of experience have made us international experts on incident and crisis management, as well as confidential communications. Our roots have always been in Munich. The company was founded there in 2000 and F24 AG’s head office is still located there. The F24 AG Board of Directors is made up of Christian Götz, who founded the company together with Ralf Meister and Dr. Jörg Rahmer. We now support companies and organisations in more than a hundred countries all over the world through our international subsidiaries in Brussels, Zurich, London, Trondheim, Paris, Luxembourg City, Madrid and Munich, as well as offices in Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Vienna, Dubai and Auckland.

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