BCI E-Learning Courses

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Enhance your learning and study in your own time with a BCI e-Learning course!

The BCI has a range of e-Learning courses that are completely self-paced, allowing you to study at a time and location suitable to you.


Recover to Resilience E-Learning Course

The BCI Recover to Resilience eLearning Course is designed for any individual/team involved in building resilience in your organization.

This course aims to help organizations develop their skills and capability; so that when faced with disruption, they can recover to a position of resilience. There are three modules in this course, which are supplemented with reading lists and exercises


Recover to Resilience E-Learning Course


Organizational Crisis Leadership E-Learning Course


This BCI course introduces the skills needed in Crisis Leadership. The courses takes an in-depth look at the key elements of leadership, how to develop leadership styles & skills, the emotional & behavioural elements of leadership, managing multiple stakeholders; the course also contains interviews with experienced Crisis Leaders.


Introduction to Business Continuity E-Learning Course

If you need a basic introduction to business continuity, this course has been designed for you. Whether you are developing a business continuity programme within your organization as part of your role, or whether you need to understand how to support business continuity within your organization, this course will be beneficial to you.


Introduction to Business Continuity E-Learning Course


BCI Introduction to Organizational Resilience E-Learning Course

Introduction to Organizational Resilience -Learning Course


If you need a basic introduction to organizational resilience, this course has been designed for you. Whether you are responsible for an area that contributes to organizational resilience or you need to understand the principles, this course will be beneficial to you.


Business Continuity Basics E-Learning Course

This course is designed for those just starting out with business continuity. If you are looking for a short overview – up to 30 minutes - of the basics principles to help you understand the topic and to help you start thinking about business continuity in your role or business, then this is the course for you.


Business Continuity Basics E-Learning Course