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RW Consulting Solutions Limited (trading as Controlled Events)

A range of businesses, public sector organisations and large Consultancy firms choose us to deliver their resilience, readiness, control and communications capabilities. In particular we provide business continuity and crisis management consultancy, resilience review and audit, training and readiness activity. Our training content is audited by the CPD Service and our training delivery team includes BCI Approved Trainers. We set ourselves apart from larger consultancies and freelancers by offering tailored services with the benefit of knowledge development over thirteen years in the resilience business, retained clients over eight years of our operations, experience in supporting some of the UK's largest resilience projects and development of a small network of Subject Matter Experts who provide us with the strength in depth for particular areas of your project. Since 2011 we have worked with Clients in the UK, Europe and Middle East and we are able to quickly and seamlessly integrate into your plan for a resilience project, exercise or training programme to design, produce, delivery to the standards and good practice relating to your sector.

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