BCI Wellington Chapter Future

  • 11:00 - 13:00
  • 21 Oct 2020
  • , New Zealand

To register for this event, please log into your BCI web profile, or if you do not have one click here to obtain one.

Following on from David West’s global vision webinar we now look to apply that vision to our work in the Wellington Chapter.  

Through an independently facilitated workshop all members are invited to take the global vision and apply it to the potential future operating of the Wellington Chapter.  We will discuss what activities members seek the Chapter to deliver into 2021.

Registration is compulsory to enter the premises.

To access the venue, please proceed to the main entrance of the Executive Wing (Beehive). 

All attendees except those holding a Parliamentary Precinct access pass must clear security screening on arrival and then report to reception in the foyer to get a visitor sticker.  (Allow at least 10 minutes.)

Attendees should arrive to clear security before 11.00am when they will be met and escorted to the meeting venue.  

Anyone arriving late should ask the reception staff to phone Steve Streefkerk to arrange escorting to the meeting room.


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