About the conference

BCI World Hybrid - the global conference of choice for business continuity & resilience professionals - is back for its 2024 edition!

BCI World Hybrid is the BCI's annual global conference that brings together business continuity and resilience professionals, managers and practitioners from all over the world. The conference programme offers a variety of engaging sessions on business continuity, organizational resilience, operational resilience, as well as related disciplines including crisis management, emergency planning, personal resilience and more. 

This leading global event is also the host of one of the largest Vendor Exhibitions showcasing cutting edge products, services, and solutions from the resilience industry. 

BCI World 2024


This year’s BCI World Hybrid will again combine a two-day Physical and Virtual Conference, taking place from 30th - 31st October 2024, with live-streamed keynotes and breakouts from London to the rest of the world. The Vendor Exhibition will also be of hybrid format, providing great networking opportunities for delegates attending in-person and/or virtually. 

Whether you attend in-person or virtually (or both!), this conference offers you a wide-range of benefits that will support you in your career - whether you are only starting or looking to take a step forward. By attending you will benefit from: 

  • A unique learning and skill building experience 
  • Great networking and community building opportunities 
  • In-depth insight into the latest industry trends, research, and good practice
  • Taking part in engaging discussions and constructive debates 
  • The change to test your skills with interactive sessions and workshops
  • Connecting with like-minded professionals to share experiences and inspire fresh ideas
  • Gain insight into new tools and resources in a large Vendor Exhibition

BCI World Hybrid 2024 conference theme: Building resilience today to empower tomorrow.

This year, the focus will be on the proactive and empowering aspect of building resilience today to prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow. 

This theme aims to raise awareness and support organizations, communities, and professionals/practitioners to take a progressive approach to business continuity and resilience, highlighting the significance of preparedness, community, and collaboration in the face of emerging challenges. 

With the theme “Building resilience today to empower tomorrow”, BCI World Hybrid 2024 aims to inspire a proactive mindset, the development resilient culture within organizations also that contributes to broader communities and industries.