Can silence be used as a crisis communications strategy?

  • 23 Aug 2023
  • , 12:30 (BST)

In this live member-only webinar, Jim Preen and Charlie Maclean-Bristol will host a debate on whether silence can ever be used as part of a crisis communications strategy.

Members will be able to participate in the webinar and vote to support each argument, for and against.

Running order:

  • Initial poll to see who agrees and disagrees with the motion
  • Jim’s case 
  • Charlie’s case 
  • Subsequent points - Jim
  • Subsequent points - Charlie
  • Open to the audience for questions and views 
  • Summing up the case
  • Determining the 'winner' with a final poll

Please note that this event is exclusive to BCI Members only. If you are a Member please login into your website account in order to register for this event.

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