Christmas Battle of Salamis - Crisis Simulation

  • 12 Dec 2023

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Travel back in time to Ancient Greece and assume the role of a BC Manager during the Battle of Salamis.
A supply chain problem has emerged due to the ongoing war - there is a looming danger to the delivery of olives and olive oil, and a portion of our stock faces the possibility of being stuck in storage rooms due to client turnover.
Don your toga and confront this pressing issue by making crucial decisions to safeguard the resilience of our supply chain.


  • Maria Torres.jpg

    María Torres

    Head of Customer Relations, Conducttr

    Maria Torres is the Head of Customer Relations at Conducttr, where she orchestrates seamless customer care processes to optimize client experiences with the Conducttr crisis exercise simulation platform. Armed with a degree in Media & Communication and an MA in New Interactive Media & Multimedia Journalism, Maria combines her educational background with a passion for delivering top-notch customer service. Beyond her professional pursuits, she's an aficionado of punk music and an ardent fan of Dr. Who, demonstrating diverse interests.

  • arianna.png

    Arianna Cerea

    Crisis Scenario Designer, Conducttr

    Arianna is a seasoned Crisis Scenario Designer with extensive experience crafting diverse crisis exercises. Armed with an MLitt in Middle East, Caucasus, and Central Asia Security Studies, along with a Bachelor's in Arabic for International Relations, she brings a unique blend of regional expertise and strategic insight. As a journalist, Arianna melds storytelling prowess with crisis preparedness. Her interests span historical novels, climbing, skiing, hiking, and exploring remote, uncharted territories. This dynamic combination of skills and passions fuels her dedication to creating effective crisis simulations for Conducttr.


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