Starting out in the resilience industry

Starting out in the resilience industry

If you are looking to start a career in business continuity or in the resilience field, if business continuity has been added to your role or as part of your responsibilities, or if you are looking to find out if your organization is doing business continuity in the ‘right way’, then BCI Introduction to Business Continuity Course is the right fit for you.

This 1-day course (delivered by an instructor in class or online) will provide you with a solid foundation of the BCM Lifecycle and introduce you to the ‘power’ of the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG). It will challenge your perspective of business continuity and help you understand if you are implementing business continuity the correct way – you will go back and make a difference in your organization!

For business continuity managers and professionals wanting to build a career in the industry

If you are a full-time, end-to-end business continuity manager, or you are looking to become one, or you are seeking a qualification to be deemed competent by employers, customers/clients, or even auditors, then there is only one training solution that is tailored to you: the CBCI Certification Course.

This comprehensive course has been designed exclusively for those individuals responsible for business continuity - even those with many years of experience! The course takes you through the whole BCM Lifecycle and provides you with the opportunity to interact with an experienced instructor as well as other professionals taking the course.

The BCI offers this course across the world both in-class and online via its Licenced Training Partners. Allowing you to choose the best training option that suits you. By taking the course you will also have the opportunity to take the CBCI Exam – don’t overlook this! Taking the exam is an essential step, not only to test your knowledge and understanding of the GPG, but it’s also your key to becoming a BCI Certified Member. 

A BCI Membership will give you access to: 

  • A global network of professionals just like you!
  • Mentoring and CPD programmes
  • Discounts on BCI events and IWG workspaces
  • Exclusive content, resources, and webinars
  • Chapters, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) & Special Interest Forums (SIFs)

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CBCI Certification Course

If you work in a related discipline

Most professionals and organizations will be hit by a business continuity-related event, rather than a high-impact crisis – so why not get ready?

If you work in disaster recovery, crisis management, IT, physical security, or any related discipline and need to acquire solid key information about business continuity, including understanding definitions and roles & responsibilities then the Introduction to Business Continuity E-Learning Course is the right training solution for you. 

The course takes between 3-4 hours to complete and provides you with knowledge that you are able to integrate within your role. 

Understanding resilience with prior knowledge of business continuity

Organizational resilience is an output of business continuity. If you already have a solid understanding of business continuity concepts, then step to the next level and gain more knowledge of organizational resilience. The Introduction to Organizational Resilience E-Learning Course will take 3-4 hours to complete and will guide you through organizational resilience principles, business continuity, the importance of collaboration and the attributes of organizational resilience. Those who take the course are sure to become a positive influencer, building resilience by supporting the collaborative effort between professional disciplines within an organization.