Preparing for DORA: Automating ICT Risk Management for Operational Resilience

  • 21 Feb 2024
  • , 3 PM (GMT) | 4 PM (CET) | 10 AM (EST)

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Unlock the pathway to Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) compliance and operational resilience in our upcoming webinar, 'Preparing for DORA: Automating ICT Risk Management for Operational Resilience' hosted by vArmour's CTO & CISO, Marc Woolward, and VP of Customer Success, Matt Ebben. Discover how DORA regulations are shaping 2024 operational resilience priorities for financial institutions, and learn how to leverage automation to simplify your compliance journey while navigating DORA requirements for ICT Risk Management.

This session explores DORA’s four-step ICT Risk Management Workflow and the must-know requirements that financial institutions need to have in place before the January 2025 compliance deadline. We’ll dive into real-world approaches to automation that risk management leaders can use to overcome the most pressing DORA compliance challenges. Additionally, we’ll introduce vArmour's Decision Intelligence Platform for automating ICT Risk Management, and explore how it addresses the challenges posed by the proliferation of application relationships and dependencies in modern environments, and how it removes lengthy, error-prone manual approaches from your DORA journey.

Join us on February 21st, 2024 for an insightful session on automating ICT risk management processes for DORA compliance and optimising operational resilience in today's dynamic business landscape.


  • Marc Woolward.jpg

    Marc Woolward

    CTO & CISO, vArmour

    Marc Woolward has a proven background in digital innovation, architecting and operating highly resilient systems, and risk management which he is using to enable some of the world's most complex organizations to improve their operational and cyber resilience. Marc is a senior architect and multi-time CTO with 35 years of experience, currently redefining the future of Cloud and Datacenter Security and Resilience as CTO and CISO with vArmour. He is the primary inventor of approximately 20 successful patents and has overseen the achievement over almost 40 patents within the organization. Prior to this role he was a Technology Fellow and CTO for Networking and Telecommunications at Goldman Sachs where he led the Application Resilience practice within the EMEA region. Outside of work, Marc is a professional surfkayaker, 6-time national champion, and currently ranked World number 7.

  • Matt Ebben.jpg

    Matt Ebben

    VP of Customer Success, vArmour

    Matt Ebben has been in the cybersecurity field for 20+ years as both a practitioner and as a technology vendor. Since early 2014, Matt has run the worldwide team of field engineers responsible for selling and architecting technical solutions to meet the multicloud security challenges of the world's largest and most demanding customers. Prior to joining vArmour, Matt was a worldwide solutions architect at BlueCoat Systems via their acquisition of Crossbeam Systems where he helped customers design and validate large-scale, high-performance defense in depth security architectures. Matt's six years of experience designing and maintaining secure networks for Northwestern Mutual Life where served on the change control board continue to inform his customer voice and understanding of the scale challenges faced by practitioners at large organizations.

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