BCI Southern Africa Chapter resilience fireside chat

  • 5 Jul 2024
  • , 10AM (SAST)

To register for this event please log into your BCI website profile. If you do not have a website profile, please register here.  Please note that you don't have to be a BCI Member to attend this webinar/event and that by registering for a BCI website profile you are not applying for a BCI Membership.

The resilience fireside chat is where resilience professionals and enthusiasts come together to talk about various aspects of continuity and resilience. It's like having an open microphone where people can talk about resilience what's happening now in addition to current risks and hot topics that are trending. This meeting is all about working together and sharing ideas, and to create a common understanding of the various resilience challenges and opportunities. Everyone's ideas are welcome, and we want to hear from you. It's like a big conversation where we gather around the virtual fireside to ignite in dynamic conversation and spark ideas that help us all grow stronger and contribute to our knowledge.

In this chat, we get to be creative and think about new things we can do as resilience professionals. By talking and sharing our thoughts, we build a stronger community where we support each other in our efforts to enhance our resilience mindset and capabilities. This event will also give participants to engage with like-minded resilience individuals and open up the opportunity for cross-skilling and learning. The Chapter Leaders will also share some plans for the rest of the year and also would like to gain input from you on your thoughts on how we can improve on creating a resilient community. Come join us for this special time where we talk, listen, and strengthen our bond of resilience together.


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