The Ripple Effect:  Using BCM planning software to understand and map your end to end resilience

  • 14:00 - 15:00
  • 17 May 2018

Using practical examples based on customer use cases, Nicolene and David illustrate how BCM planning software highlights where collaboration is key within your organisation, to fortify your business against disruption, by (1) Defining your organization in detail to understand the internal and external dependencies, (2) Revealing the ripple effect to show the impact of 2 example scenarios, and (3) How knowledge can be applied to drive greater organizational resilience.

Who is this webinar aimed at?
This session will benefit professionals who are working in the fields of business continuity, risk and resilience who are looking to maximise their use of BCM planning software, considering if BCM planning software could help them or seeking to understand what BCM planning software can deliver in the context of organisational resilience.

Presented by: Nicolene Hart and David Davies MBCI, business continuity consultancy team, Daisy


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