Cyber Resilience

Welcome to the new Cyber Resilience Special Interest Group (SIG). The focus of this SIG is to explore the many facets of cyber resilience. We are a group of resilience professionals who embrace technology and are enthusiastic leaders in resilience. In today’s world, resilience is more than recovery from disruptions, it is keeping the lights on and the engine running in the midst of challenges from all directions. The most impactful and likely disruption for businesses in our hyper-connected world is literally in cyber space. 

To that end, we will explore and provide answers, guidance and thought leadership in detection, assessment, preparedness, protection, recovery, and response from cyber incidents and/or attacks. We have many more questions starting out than answers. We expect that we are not alone in this and are asking for you to join us in discussing all things cyber resilience. 

To answer the many questions, we plan to create blog posts, web articles, webinars, infographics and potentially research papers. The content will be a written capture of the outcome from open forum discussions we plan to hold with the SIG members. This is where you come in – we need cyber resilience enthusiasts from all types of organizations and regions to join our SIG conversation! 

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