Agile Resilience in a World of Uncertainties

  • 27 Nov 2020
  • George

The Year 2020 so far is anything but ‘Normal’! Given what we have experienced to date and what the media is telling us to expect for the remaining two months to the year-end,  we are moving into a period of more ‘Known, Unknowns’! With the differing nature of Covid-19 Second Wave, Brexit Deal/No Deal, Supply-Chain in Lockdown and various Disruptions, Severe Weather Events and Climate Emergency, Geo-Political uncertainties the world over, Cyber, and more.. how does one plan and conduct exercises to have in place an ‘Agile Resilience in a World of Uncertainties’?

In this webinar George Ong, Chair of BCI Northern Ireland Chapter provides an insight into business continuity management. George is joined by his colleagues at Northern Ireland Water where they are supporting their customers, engaging with colleagues on safety and wellbeing, working with business partners to manage supply-chain risks and preparing for adverse winter weather events. George said “We don’t have the crystal ball to help us prepare better but there is much we can learn from one another and do the best we can to improve our resilience in the face of uncertainties.”

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About the author

George Ming Ong

Head of Corporate Governance