BCI Africa Awards 2021 - Winners Announced

  • 26 Aug 2021

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2021 BCI Africa Awards!

These awards recognize the outstanding contributions of Business Continuity, Risk and Resilience professionals and organizations. All winners will be automatically shortlisted for the BCI Global Awards, which will take place next November.

Continuity and Resilience Team 2021

Absa Group BCM Team

Collaboration in Resilience 2021

Absa Group Limited 

Most Effective Recovery 2021

Merchants South Africa Ltd

Continuity and Resilience Contributor 2021

 Tracey Linnell MBCI

Continuity and Resilience Consultant 2021

 Philippa Chappell MBCI

Continuity and Resilience Provider 2021

Dimension Data

Continuity and Resilience Professional Private Sector 2021

Raouf Riahi MBCI

Continuity and Resilience Professional Public Sector 2021

Brendine Bella Amogelang Sejake