BCI Board Meeting through the eyes of the first appointed Future Leader

  • 21 Feb 2023
  • Jasmiina

As a young professional with a few years of experience in the field of business continuity and resiliency, I was thrilled to be chosen as the first Future Leader on the BCI Board of Directors this January. I was excited to get the opportunity to learn not only about how a board of directors operates and how long-lasting strategic decisions are made, but also more about the BCI as an organization. Very shortly after my selection, I was already at the airport headed to Reading for the first board meeting in the beginning of February.

During the board meeting weekend, I got to see firsthand how a non-profit organization’s board functions and what goes on behind the closed doors of board meetings. It was interesting to see how difficult issues were handled and how even in the most difficult of topics, the board, consisting of professionals each with years of experience in the field, were able to find a common solution, taking all the different viewpoints into consideration. This to me highlighted very concretely the impact that each board member’s background and individual expertise has on ensuring the diversity of the discussions and the importance of different insights on the handled topics. This clearly plays an integral part when making decisions for the common good of a global organization.

One of the key elements I was also excited to learn more about was the interaction and cooperation between the board and management teams. I found it interesting to see how the strategic decisions are put to practice on an operative level and how these alignments made in the past are then brought to life. Also, the importance of accurate and transparent reporting plays a key element in enabling the board to make the right decisions. It’s now quite clear to me that this board and management are quite well aligned, have the courage to challenge each other but also respect each other’s contributions and all-in-all are working together towards a common goal.

Overall, this first board meeting already exceeded my expectations. I got take part and bring my contribution to interesting discussions, learned about the operating norms and challenges that global boards face and got to meet inspiring individuals who welcomed me to the board with open arms.  Needless to say, I’m excited for continuing on this journey and looking forward for what’s to come.

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