BCI Canada - adoption of BCM Standards in Canada

  • 31 Jan 2020

Following a suggestion from one of our members, we ran a short anonymous survey in the latter half of 2019 to understand Canadian corporations’ levels of engagement with the common business continuity standards - ISO 22301, CSA z1600 and NFPA 1600.

The most popular standard amongst the respondents was ISO 22301 with almost 60% being either fully accredited to the standard (22.73%) or aligning some of their activity to this standard (36.36%).

While none of the respondents sought accreditation or were accredited to the two other standards (CSA z1600 and NFPA 1600), 25% were aligning some of their activity to these standards and 65% were aware of these standards with no current or planned involvement.

The respondents represented various sizes of organizations (ranging from 1-10 employees to 1,000+), in different industries (financial and insurance services, public sector, IT & Communications, professional services, transport and storage, retail and wholesale, etc.), some with global operations while others Canadian only (none had North America only operations).

Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you wish to conduct other surveys of interest to you!