BCI Global Awards Winners 2021

  • 19 Nov 2021

The BCI Global Awards recognise the achievements of individuals, teams, and organizations working in business continuity and resilience across the world.

The BCI Global Awards were delivered via a virtual ceremony, bringing together winners and members from across the world.

Each of the following has not only won their regional category, but they have also been selected as the best globally at what they do in 2021.  Congratulations to the 2021 winners:


Continuity and Resilience Consultant 2021

Mark W. Hoffman MBCI​


Continuity and Resilience Professional Private Sector 2021

Chris Godsmark FBCI​


Continuity and Resilience Professional Public Sector 2021

Vito Mangialardi AFBCI​


Most Effective Recovery 2021

Marks & Spencer​


Continuity and Resilience Newcomer 2021

Richard Ball CBCI​


Continuity and Resilience Team 2021

Bupa UK Business Continuity Team​


Continuity and Resilience Provider 2021

Workforce Resilience by International SOS​


Continuity and Resilience Innovation 2021

Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) App ​ by  Marks & Spencer PLC,  National Counter Terrorism Security Office and URIM


Continuity and Resilience Contributor 2021

Daman Dev Sood FBCI​


Collaboration in Resilience 2021

Royal Philips​


We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate and recognise the achievements of the following individuals who have received Honorary or Achievement Awards:


  • Thomas McKean​ - BCI Diploma Gold Award


  • Paula Rodríguez Bescansa CBCI​ - BCI Alan Reed Award
  • Carola Melotto CBCI ​ - BCI Alan Reed Award


  •  Nalin Wijetilleke​ - Honorary FBCI
  •  Tracey Linnell​​ - Honorary FBCI
  •  Mohan Menon​​ - Honorary FBCI
  •  Stephen Nuttall​ - Honorary FBCI
  •  Frank Perlmutter​​​ - Honorary FBCI
  •  David Thompson​​​​ - Honorary FBCI


  •  Bill DiMartini MBCI​ – BCI Achievement
  • Uxía Fernández González MBCI​ – BCI Achievement
  • James Crask Hon MBCI​ – BCI Achievement
  • Modebola A. Olowu-Ajibodu​ – BCI Achievement


  • Andy Tomkinson FBCI​ – BCI Lifetime Achievement