Breaking into and succeeding in the resilience industry

  • 19 Apr 2024
  • Bethany
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On 26th March 2024, the BCI Women in Resilience (WiR) Special Interest Group (SIG) proudly hosted their inaugural event of the year, honouring International Women's Day (IWD) and Women's History Month. The theme of the event was “Breaking into and Succeeding in the Resilience Industry”. At our sold out in-person event based in London (UK), we were joined by over 50 attendees, and virtually by many more across our global audience. 

There was a real buzz in the air amongst those in the room who participated in a quick-fire speed networking event. Attendees were delighted and amazed at how much they learned from one another in under 1 minute – “a unique and insightful experience” was echoed excitedly by our guests. 

The event commenced with an introduction by WiR Leader, Rina Singh, who invited attendees to open their hearts and minds to the inspirational speakers that we heard from and gave a call to action in promoting and sharing the mission of the WiR SIG, which aligns purposefully with this year’s IWD theme of inspiring inclusion. 

We were then treated to an enthralling line up of expert speakers, with Julie Stephens delivering the much-anticipated Keynote, followed by the uplifting and inimitable Monica Sekhri, recollections of bravery and fearlessness from Hamide Karakaya, and tip-driven realness from newcomer in the industry Baljeet Kaur. The session drew to a close on a conversation with our male allies, co-presented by Chris Glennie and Paul Goulding – a really groundbreaking moment for our SIG and special memories that we are all very proud of. 

BCI WiR Event March 26th 2024

For those that were not able to attend, some key takeaways have been provided below:

  • The diversity of paths leading our speakers to the resilience industry was a central theme, underscoring the nature of career development in this field and the value of a diverse professional community. It was unanimously agreed that diversity fosters innovative solutions and drives the success in the industry.
  • The critical role of sponsorship and support. It was highlighted that people who identify as male are more likely than people who identify as female to apply for roles where they do not fulfil the capabilities set out at application. This underscores the need for increased encouragement and career support for women, alongside an individual duty to proactively manage our own career trajectory.
  • The value of work-life balance, flexibility, and support for leaders of all genders. Allyship from both a male and female perspective shone through as a strong and common theme amongst our speaker group.
  • Our collective responsibility to courageously address and reform conversations surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion, both within and outside the workplace.
  • The unique resilience that parenting and guardianship imbues, emphasising the importance of prioritizing family.
  • The power of finding one's voice and the courage to advocate for oneself.
  • The importance of seeking out industry recognition through awards to establish oneself within the profession. And additionally, the necessity of expanding one’s professional network.
  • Leadership is about nurturing talent, encouraging visibility, and providing opportunities for team members to excel.
  • Embracing challenges as catalysts for personal and professional growth. And encouraging the pursuit of challenging roles and opportunities for growth - “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”. 
  • The journey from visibility in one's field to leadership roles, and the common experience of imposter syndrome.
  • The subjective nature of success and its varied definitions among individuals.
  • The significance of understanding and supporting international students in the hiring process.
  • The foundational role of allyship, emphasising its gender-neutral nature and the recognition of privilege.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our speakers, attendees, the event sponsor Bupa, The BCI, and the WiR Committee for their contributions to such a meaningful and impactful event. We hope to see you at our summer event (please keep abreast of announcements on the BCI website and our LinkedIn page). Until next time! 

If you would like to be a speaker, sponsor or host our future WiR events, contact Krysta Broughton-Munford, Baljeet Kaur and Bethany Warren.  

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