Fiona Burrell, Estates Lead for Risk & BC, shares top 5 tips to improve BC awareness within an organization

  • 14 Sep 2021
  • Fiona

During BCAW 2021 we have reached out to professionals and practitioners in the Business Continuity & Resilience community and asked them to share five tips on how they embed Business Continuity within their organizations.

Throughout Education Month we will publish these tips in these short blogs…

1. Have a pandemic. Stand there stoically nodding whilst referring people to their BC plans. Press the red button* for your crisis response team to spring into action, whilst HR issue calming comms messages. *Bat signal optional.

2. Channel inner evil genius and develop fiendishly tricky quote; tests for BC plans involving wide range of stakeholders. Extra points if you involve your office thespian to add to the drama of the scenario. Extra extra points if they wear a cape.

3. Go Graham Norton and interview key players in BC and get their best stories, minus the swear words for a week long daily BC love-letter to your organisation. Include a BC linked quiz, have photos of people and dogs. People like dogs.

4. Develop a credit-card sized fold-out with key what to do and official contacts. Don't include personal information - GDPR! GDPR! Go digital and consider an App instead but then remember that it's always good to have hard-copies in case aliens* decide to bring down the mobile networks. *Tinfoil hat optional.

5. Make everyone watch Shaun of the Dead. It's a valuable lesson in planning. And having a sit-down and nice cup of tea.

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