Leading the Way to Resilience: BCI Launches New Branding

  • 27 Feb 2020

The next time you’re browsing the BCI website, commenting on the latest resilience news on our social channels or opening the monthly BCI eNewsletter, you might notice that things look a bit different…

Today we have launched a new-look BCI brand. One that is built off the back of our community’s feedback and one that we are confident will help the Institute in its efforts Leading the Way to Resilience.

A year in the making, the BCI’s new look and feel is based on extensive research carried out within the resilience community and with our key partners through surveys and focus groups you might have heard about or even contributed to in 2019. It was important to Central Office and the Board that the new BCI branding was designed with meaning and purpose behind every decision. Everything, from the colours we’ve chosen right down to the images we use in our day to day communications, has been given careful consideration to create something that we hope you continue to recognise as the Institute that has been supporting Business Continuity professionals for over a quarter of a century, while looking ahead to a more diverse and inclusive Resilience profession.

One of the most common pieces of feedback we received during our research was regarding the Institute’s positioning in relation to the wider Resilience profession. With this in mind, the new BCI brand – whether it be the new BCI logo, imagery, the way we speak to you and even your general experience of the BCI – has been designed to demonstrate our commitment to Leading the Way to Resilience. So much so we even state our intentions within the new BCI logo…


At the outset of this project, we were also acutely aware that the Institute has grown quickly in recent years, now helping to support and connect over 50 local chapters in making their own contributions to the industry on local and global levels. The organic way in which the Institute has evolved over time has meant that not all these chapters and volunteers necessarily have a consistent experience with the BCI. The new branding has been designed to ensure that wherever or however you connect with the BCI, you’re certain that you’re working with the leading international Institute for BC and Resilience professionals.

“I am very pleased to see the full realisation of the new BCI branding.  This initiative, which was fully endorsed by the Board, is a further creative step in the BCI’s continuing growth and will help to define the pivotal role of the BCI and our members in the evolving Organizational Resilience community.” – Tim Janes, Hon FBCI, Chairman, BCI

“Revisiting what your brand means - because a brand is so much more than a logo - is something that needs to be done in times of change. To us the signs are unmistakable that there is a positive convergence of disciplines underway. It is equally clear to us that BCI's place is at the heart of that convergence...that Business Continuity is at the heart of Resilience. Our new brand positioning reflects this and our strap line should be taken as a clear statement of intent on behalf of BC professionals.” – David Thorp, Executive Director, BCI

We hope you enjoy discovering the new brand over the coming weeks and that you find the new-look BCI to be more consistent, progressive and representative of your profession. Most importantly, we hope you continue to turn to the BCI for support and direction in Leading the Way to Resilience.