BCI Book Review - Lessons learned: Short stories of continuity and resilience

  • 09 Jun 2021
  • Margaret

I have just finished reading a wonderful book!  “Lessons Learned: Short Stories of Continuity and Resilience” is beautifully written in Michele L. Turner’s first book.  Her narration is extraordinary.  I was enthralled all the way through. The book is a perfect read for practical ways to achieve success, integration and have a fulfilled personal life.

Michele’s greatest legacy is her family.  I was deeply moved by her sharing her personal stories of her grandparents, parents, and her own family.   She shares with her readers the struggles, triumphs, and path to her success with examples of life experiences that are insightful and realistic.  Michele provides engaging and practical advice for Business Continuity Management Professionals (or any profession), complete with templates and guidance both personal and professional.

She reminds us business continuity and resilience is not just for big, newsworthy events that may make you think they could not happen unless you are living it.  In each chapter, Michele provides her professional insights on how to navigate running a program.  This useful information is applicable regardless of the program size or industry.  Her professional insight on Clarity, Communication, and Cost is something all employees encounter in their career.  She takes Risk Appetite into consideration and provides an Assessment Log, Risk Profile, and Risk Assessment templates which are useful for a newcomer or an experienced professional.  She demonstrates how Testing of Plans is key to making the team and the plans stronger for an organization, and her objectives and templates are a great resource here as well.

She prompts the reader throughout the book, that Business Continuity and Resilience is a journey - a program, and not a project.  Each chapter provides essential information to help you make informed program decisions. Michele demonstrates it is an exhilarating journey that is not complicated and allows for fun along the way!

For the sake of her readers, I hope she is working on her second book.

Margaret Millett, MS Business Continuity, Hon FBCI, MBCP

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Margaret Millett

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