Meet the BCI Awards Judges 2023

  • 04 Apr 2023

Our Judging Panel Selection Committee for the BCI Awards 2023 has reviewed all candidates and chosen the most suitable individuals for the position. We have set a high standard for our judges and highlight their expertise, inspiring a broad and diverse group of BC and Resilience professionals working in our industry from around the world. The judging panel will consist of 1 Head Judge, 18 primary judges and 5 reserves to ensure that the judging process runs smoothly.

On his vision for the BCI Awards, Head Judge, James McAlister Hon FBCI, commented: “For many years, the BCI Awards have been the most sought after awards in the organizational resilience industry. You only have to look back at the people and companies who have won awards to see how much they are internationally valued.”

He continued: “The review of the awards system took over nine months and involved a global volunteer committee who worked tirelessly to develop a fit for purpose awards programme. The innovative system comprises a tougher judge selection process, including ongoing training, award criterion matched to the BCI’s Competency Framework, a simplified assessment scoring matrix, commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, and three new awards.”

Meet the 24 judges:

  • James McAlister Hon FBCI – Head Judge
  • Paul Breed MBCI
  • Ian Clark FBCI
  • Frank Chow MBCI
  • Michael Crooymans Hon FBCI
  • Charlotte Davis MBCI
  • Rob van den Eijnden FBCI
  • Sarah Garrington MBCI
  • Olivia Haigh MBCI
  • Alice Kaltenmark Hon FBCI
  • Vignesh Karthic FBCI
  • Ammar Khan MBCI
  • Mikaiiro Laitinen MBCI
  • Melanie Lucht MBCI
  • Des O’Callaghan FBCI
  • Rajesh Pillai MBCI
  • Todd Ray MBCI
  • Nathan Schoenkin MBCI
  • Adrian Stewart MBCI
  • Nalin Wijetilleke Hon FBCI
  • Brigid Williams MBCI
  • Tonya York MBCI

Full profiles of each BCI Awards Judge can be found here.

Here are some of the reasons the successful candidates wanted to become a BCI Awards Judge:

As a passionate, proud and longstanding member of the institute, I wanted to become a BCI Awards Judge to serve the global business continuity community and support the BCI.

Charlotte Davis MBCI

I take this role very seriously. Each submission is held to the same high standard. The BCI Awards are earned and thereby are prestigious by design. I take care to give each submission its due respect and to evaluate each submission equally in relation to the others for each award category.”

Alice Kaltenmark Hon FBCI

I am very interested in being an Awards Judge due to my interest in recognising innovation and excellence in the business continuity field.”

Nathan Schoenkin MBCI

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