Muhammad Effendi Ahmad MBCI – a new leader for the BCI Singapore Chapter

  • 12 Sep 2023

The BCI Singapore Chapter has announced Muhammad Effendi (Fendi) Ahmad MBCI, Senior Consultant of CS Operational Resilience at Visa, as its new leader.

Regarding his experience in the business continuity (BC) and resilience sector, Fendi outlines that he currently “manages any business-related incidents impacting Visa’s operations in facilitating digital payments globally across consumers, merchants, financial institutions, businesses, strategic partners, and government entities.”

On top of incident management, he also collaborates with relevant stakeholders to ensure business resilience across all of the organization’s products and services.

When explaining the significance of his role in minimising disruption to digital payments, Fendi adds that “cyber and digital risk have been getting a lot of publicity and traction worldwide. As we move towards a fully digitised world, every company in every industry will use digital products, services, and supporting processes. As such, the business resilience community needs to put in much more effort to address all of these risks.”

Indeed, looking ahead, Fendi is also keen that organizations invest in more resources to proactively develop resilience processes, playbooks, and tools. One additional resource for BC and resilience professionals are the BCI Chapters and Fendi notes that, under his leadership, the BCI Singapore Chapter aims to “be the bridge between industries in the resilience sector in Singapore and to share good practices within the community.”

Chapters are an opportunity for professionals to share knowledge and experience within their region and community. Fendi notes the importance of this process by concluding that professionals should “always be curious about what you need to know, as it may help you to identify gaps in processes and plans.”

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