Shannon Taylor AMBCI, Director, Business Resilience, shares top 5 tips to improve BC awareness within an organization

  • 13 Sep 2021
  • Shannon

During BCAW 2021 we have reached out to professionals and practitioners in the Business Continuity & Resilience community and asked them to share five tips on how they embed Business Continuity within their organizations.

Throughout Education Month we will publish these tips in these short blogs…

1. Include the lines of business and SMEs across your organizations in building the BIAs and BCPs - you will need their buy in to make sure the plans are strategies ACTUALLY work if activated!

2. Make the templates and forms easier or even better, acquire a tool for automation of BCPs, BIAs and other forms to make it more user friendly for the end users as well as interactive. No more Excel forms please!

3. Frequent Check ins -Have simple, one question surveys sent out throughout the year to see how much awareness and learning the organization has acquired and which areas you could improve on.

4. Implement Awareness sessions across the corporation - include an online training module that can help the users learn about BCM, the corporate policies, the frameworks used and the team that drives BCM in the corporation. Following this training a quick survey could help do check ins for knowledge.

5. Send a corporate communication every year out on behalf of the EXECUTIVE TEAM - in May to tie in with BCAW - and refresh the organization on internal resources, videos, etc. provided by BCI!

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