Spotlight: new leadership for the BCI Italy Chapter

  • 22 Feb 2024
  • Kieran,  Maura,  Chiara

The BCI is pleased to introduce the new leadership for the BCI Italy Chapter:

  • Maura Santunione MBCI - Leader
  • Chiara Cavicchioli AMBCI - Vice Leader

Maura currently serves as a Global Business Continuity & Resilience Officer. In this profile, she explores her intention to “contribute significantly to the success of the chapter's goals, provide valuable insights, guidance, and support in achieving the chapter's objectives, as well as enhancing its overall effectiveness in promoting resiliency practices.”

Maura intends to use her expertise in business continuity, ISO 22301 auditing, and supply chain resilience to help achieve this objective. When exploring her background, she adds that these skills have already helped her to “discover and adopt innovations in holistic processes to ensure robust and sustainable systems, promote synergies and increase awareness in our organizations and in our community.”

For more information, please find Maura’s full profile below.

A sense of community and belonging

We are currently at an unprecedented moment in history with regard to connectivity. The sense of community and its meaning is changing while new concepts and perspectives are being introduced. Just think about the different social platforms or types of networking that have emerged in recent years, breaking down geographic distances. How can we bring the best out of this scenario?

As a professional, I believe in the contribution that communities can bring to a cultural, local and global perspective, as well as to awareness building. As a member of a BCI Chapter, the sense of community and belonging has been always incredibly important for me by providing the opportunity to connect with others in my region, discover new points of view, share experiences, and learn from each other.

Being in a leadership role within the chapter will give me the chance to continue serving this purpose; particularly by promoting our ideas, sharing our interests, and empowering our efforts and teamwork.

This role will allow me to further strengthen the bonds within our local community, valuing the contributions of all the members.

Future opportunities within the chapter

The BCI is promoting plenty of interesting opportunities for the community members. I will, along with other members of the committee, be the liaison to promote them and tailor these for our community. Primarily, my priority is to build a strong, vibrant, and structured chapter which is able to capture all the benefits that working together and supporting each other can offer.

Indeed, what is important for us, as a committee, is to build a solid community to support all of the members in their resilience journey and ensure a future with the BCI Italy Chapter. As part of this, we have to mention the current national, European, and worldwide scenarios, where new dynamics are impacting our organizations as well as our daily life. 

Our territory has recently faced severe events impacting operations, damaging infrastructure, and leading to financial losses for companies of all sizes. Therefore, we would promote post-event analysis meetings, open discussions, as well as webinars about real cases and scenarios, which will help us and our organizations prepare for and respond to other potential threats. These threats may include cyber-attacks, supply chain disruptions, and any other interesting opportunity for dialogue in this sector.

Additionally, we will work to raise awareness of the importance of business continuity planning and resilience. I strongly believe in the difference that our community can deliver together and the importance of a holistic, integrated approach.

Looking to the future

One piece of advice I would share for others working in the business continuity and resilience sector is to use every opportunity that the current moment offers to us, in terms of learning, sharing, preparedness, growth, and contributions — all of which allow us to stay informed and updated on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the field. The landscape of business continuity and resilience is constantly evolving, and it is important to stay ahead of the curve to protect and ensure the resilience of organizations, and increase our skills and expertise.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Resilience and anti-fragility can make a real difference. Italy is renowned for its excellence and expertise, cultivated through generations of dedicated work in the field, driven by curiosity and passion.

What we can do, as the BCI Italy Chapter community, is translate the concepts of business continuity, resilience, and anti-fragility into tangible support. Only together can we be sure of success in defending this immense heritage.

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