The BCI gets certified as a Great Place to Work

  • 11 Oct 2022

We are pleased to announce that the BCI has recently been certified as a Great Place to Work™ (GPTW), showcasing the contributions it makes to ensuring a positive and engaging workplace for its employees.

Great Place to Work™ uses employee surveys and a certification process to determine and benchmark an organization’s performance. Its survey platform has been designed on a model which measures consistencies within the organization to make sure it truly is a great work place for everyone within an organization, regardless of their role within it.

Indeed, the authority’s mission is for everyone “to have the chance to enjoy going to work, to have pride in what they do and who they work for, to enjoy working with their colleagues in an environment where they feel trusted and valued, and where they are encouraged to develop personally and professionally.”[1]

“Making the BCI the best possible work environment for our staff is paramount to us, as engaged and motivated employees are happy employees. The GPTW process provides a forum for our employees to be heard and allows us as an organization to continually develop and adapt to our employees’ needs. With the GPTW accreditation, we’re able to continue to attract top talent by providing a globally recognized and research-backed verification of great employee experience,” said Rippy Sahota, HR Manager, BCI.

Find out more about Great Place to Work here: