The BCI launches the new Western Africa Chapter

  • 18 Jun 2024

We are pleased to announce the creation of the BCI Western Africa Chapter to support the region’s business continuity and resilience community.

The Western Africa Chapter has made a strategic split from the North African region for better representation and a more regional focus. The new Western Africa Chapter is led by Tunde Dada and supported by vice leader Yahya Jammeh. 

The Chapter aims to integrate foresight into resilience planning, positioning the Western Africa Chapter as a proactive player in the global business continuity community. As such, primary commitments for the Chapter are advancing good practices and bridging gaps in local business continuity and resilience practices, as well as offering a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and professional growth - all essential for reinforcing preparedness in the face of disruption. 

Leader Tunde Dada, said “The need for resilience planning and continuity cannot be overemphasized. Business continuity is at its infancy here, and this is evident in the low focus on resilience planning and business continuity. It is my belief that the chapter will be able to push business continuity planning locally for the general good of the region.” 
The Chapter’s Aims

Overall, the Western Africa Chapter aims to:

  • Provide community support and education.
  • Offer networking and professional development opportunities.  
  • Showcase the work of resilience professionals.
  • Offer a chance to use individual’s skills and knowledge for the general benefit of the group.
  • Promote the region’s professional growth, creating opportunities for academic, individual, and corporate membership.
  • Enhance the skills and capabilities of organizations in the region.

Vice Leader Yahya Jammeh said “The BCI Western Africa Chapter can now play a pivotal role in creating a platform for engagement, providing a forum where business leaders, governments, and multilateral partners can discuss and share best practices in business continuity and resilience.”
Keys challenges facing the Western African region

Chapter leadership believes the key challenges to the region include the impact of global economic downturn and devaluation of currencies in many nations, climate risk, civil unrest, conflicts, extremism, maritime piracy, and cyber security which threaten essential business services, exacerbate existing shortages and adversely impact the nations. 

Chapter leader Tunde Dada said “I am particularly delighted to launch the Chapter because it comes at a good time for Africa when the need for resilience planning is critical, especially when we consider the state of economic and technological issues plaguing many African nations. I would like to thank everyone that has indicated readiness to serve and would like to use this opportunity for more individuals within the regions to join us as we build a future that is fully resilient.”

Yahya Jammeh, Vice Leader, added “This presents a fantastic opportunity to address the critical issues of business continuity and resilience in the subregion. The subregion faces numerous challenges that threaten business activities, and it is crucial to form a highly professional chapter with the appropriate expertise to tackle resilience issues and develop strategies that would be beneficial in this community.”

We will be releasing further information related to the BCI Western Africa Chapter shortly, but for more information and to join please follow these links:


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