The BCI Podcast - Episode #3 - Business Continuity in Hospitality with Matthew Harper

  • 10 Sep 2021
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The BCI Podcast is a weekly series featuring discussions with Business Continuity & Resilience professionals from around world offering insight and guidance on live current affairs topics affecting businesses around the globe.

Each episode will discuss a different area of Business Continuity and how it can be impacted by political, social and environmental change. Expect to hear Business Continuity insight on current affairs topics like the South African protests, the Ford Supply chain failure, Environmental disaster recovery for MSME’s in the Philippines and even how BC professionals can prepare crisis management strategies for the unforgiving arena of social media.  

Episode #3 - Business Continuity in Hospitality with Matthew Harper

In this episode we discuss Business Continuity within hospitality - an industry that has been heavily impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Professional Emergency/Crisis Manager & Leader, Matthew Harper, discusses the challenges faced by this industry and how small hospitality businesses can embed Business Continuity with limited budgets and no practical knowledge.


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