The Role of Business Continuity Managers in Climate Risk

  • 24 Aug 2022
  • Kieran,  Ashley,  James

According to The BCI’s Extreme Weather and Climate Change Report 2022, most organizations have seen an increase in the number of severe weather events, but only a minority see this change as significant. This can result in the issue not being seen as a long-term threat and, as such, we see that less than half of organizations who responded to the survey for the report are actively addressing climate risk as part of their risk agenda.

While it is clear that practitioners in the Business Continuity (BC) and Resilience industry are aware of the risk, the question is how can they get it onto the risk agenda, increase awareness and prepare solutions. In this research paper, we will look at climate risk and the role of BC Managers and senior management in identifying this risk and addressing it. As part of this, we spoke with James Morris, Principle Consultant, Climate Risk & Resilience for Carbon Intelligence, and Ashley Goosman, founder of Disaster Empire.

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