The two new Special Interest Group topics are revealed

  • 24 Jul 2023
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Following the results of a recent BCI Member survey, we are pleased to announce the two topics selected for the first BCI Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

  • Operational Resilience SIG
  • Cyber Resilience SIG

These were the top choices when members were asked to vote on their choices for new groups, and, as recurrent popular themes in the BCI’s research portfolio, the topics may not come as a surprise. In the BCI Horizon Scan 2022, cyber-attacks and data breaches were ranked as one of the top concerns for the coming 12 months by respondents, second only to non-occupational disease. Meanwhile, the BCI Operational Resilience Report 2023 found that 76.6% of organizations have or are building an operational resilience (Operational resilience) programme, while over half of organizations have an Operational resilience programme because they have been mandated to do so by regulation.

In this article, we will explore why these groups are needed more than ever and how having a SIG can help build good practice in these areas.

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