Thoughts on 2017 - a message from David Thorp

  • 18 Dec 2017

I wanted to write something for the final newsletter of 2017, reflecting on what a full-on year it has been.

This year saw some major changes in the internal organization of the BCI. We created new operating areas, with new managers responsible for teams, and a lot of new roles that didn’t exist a year ago. Even throughout the year, new roles have been created and as we enhance some of our working practices and the new strategy develops, the BCI will continue to grow.

This year we’ve been moving from our old website and database to a new website and fully-fledged CRM system. The new website has been launched, and whilst there are still some issues around integration with the CRM system, the new website is head and shoulders above the old one.  It presents the BCI in a much more professional light, and allows BCI members to access information and services faster and more effectively.

There were a number of notable achievements for the BCI in 2017. The launch of the new Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) 2018 edition, following a major project headed up by Deborah Higgins FBCI, Head of Professional Development, with a group of almost 60 BCI professionals globally working with her to deliver a document that truly can be described as “state of the art” in business continuity practice. This will be at the centre of everything BCI does over the next three years and it clearly demonstrates business continuity’s move towards within the resilience spectrum and is in keeping with our five- year strategy. The reception it has received has been universally positive and shows the evolution of the BCM Lifecycle, from a standalone cycle of activities to a series of inter-connected disciplinary cogs.

The 2017 BCI World Conference was another great success for this year, with a growing number of attendees, high-quality speakers and content, and a great exhibition featuring global leaders in the industry.

Next year, we’ll be doing a lot of work around branding, making it synonymous with the concept of professionalism and a recognised mark of excellence in business continuity and organizational resilience.

We will also work to develop thought leadership, and you can look forward to the launch of our “new” magazine Continuity and Resilience (see what we did there?) which will be a step forward again in the way we present ourselves to the world and where we see our place within it.

We’ll also be working on implementing other aspects of the five-year strategy by building communities, establishing new relationships with global organizations, advancing our training and education offers, and improving the way we deal with customers.

So that’s it from me on 2017… we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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