Update regarding Global Board Election

  • 13 Nov 2023

Thank you to all who have voted in the Global Board Election.

In accordance with the election rules in the BCI Articles of Association, only two candidates remain eligible for the two available seats due to the canvassing of votes. Pete Frielinghaus FBCI and Wasim Jamil Malik FBCI are, therefore, uncontested candidates for the Board Director positions. We congratulate Pete and Wasim and look forward to their contributions to the BCI Global Board. 

As Board Directors, Pete and Wasim will be responsible for setting BCI strategy and policy and overseeing business plans, priorities, and budgets. Moreover, they will be accountable for ensuring the BCI operates in the interests of its members and the wider professional community. They will take the lead role in specific strategic projects and governance activities that support the institute’s objectives, leveraging their established skills and knowledge for the benefit of the BCI.

I’m really honored to be re-elected to the Board, we went through some tough challenges during the last three years, but the board has started getting some real traction in terms of our composition and the implementation of our strategic vision. I’m excited to be able to continue contributing towards this goal, and I look forward to seeing the value materialize for the BCI membership.

This moment feels like a dream come true. To be entrusted with the responsibility of serving as a Global Board Director is a profound privilege, and I accept this role very humbly, with a heart full of gratitude and dedication. The journey ahead excites me, and I am committed to contributing wholeheartedly to the growth and resilience of the BCI. One aspect of my vision for this role is to support and promote the cause of BCI in underrepresented countries. It is a cause close to my heart, and I am eager to work alongside my esteemed colleagues to make meaningful strides in ensuring that the benefits of the BCI reach every corner of the globe. Business continuity is not just a concept for certain regions; it is a vital necessity, and I am committed to fostering its understanding and implementation in underrepresented areas.


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