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  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Founded in Dubai, UAE in 2013, Marjason Consulting specialises in Organisational Resilience offering training and consultancy services in accordance with international standards (e.g. ISO 22301, BS 11200, BCI GPG) and national GCC standards (e.g. UAE NCEMA 7000) in Business Continuity Management (BCM), Crisis Management, Emergency Response and Incident Management and related fields (such as Risk, Cyber Resilience, IT DR). Marjason Consulting provides certified & bespoke training, implementation, gap assessment and facilitates simulation exercises in order to validate Emergency Response, BCM and Crisis Management plans.


Courses available

Business Impact Analysis Training Course

An in-depth look at the Analysis stage of the BCM Lifecycle to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of this key skill
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CBCI Certification Course

The course is for anyone that has business continuity responsibilities within their organization and/or anyone looking to develop a career in the industry:

  • Business continuity professionals already working in the industry
  • Business continuity coordinators/champions with responsibilities in their organization
  • Professionals looking to start a career in the industry
  • Those that have business continuity responsibilities embedded in their role in smaller organizations such as Managing Directors or Operations Managers

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Location Date Duration  
Online/Dubai, United Arab Emirates 05 Sep 2021 5 day(s) Book
Online/Dubai, United Arab Emirates 24 Oct 2021 5 day(s) Book
Online/Dubai, United Arab Emirates 05 Dec 2021 5 day(s) Book

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Designing and Delivering Effective Exercises Training Course

Gain knowledge and understanding of how to design and deliver effective exercises that work
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Designing Business Continuity Solutions Training Course

Design appropriate business continuity solutions, determine recovery objectives, and prepare for the implementation stage
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Developing and Managing the Business Continuity Plan Training Course

This course will cover how to develop business continuity (BC) plans, about invocation and action plans, and how to make the business continuity plan operational. The activity in this training course leads into the Validation stage of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Lifecycle. This course provides the business continuity and resilience professional with the opportunity to gain more in depth knowledge of the Implementation stage of the BCM Lifecycle. The Implementation stage is where the business continuity plan is developed, managed and implemented as a key element of the overall BCM programme. During this course students will be using a case study and taking part in group discussions and exercises.

This course is based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and reflects the current global thinking from ISO 22301.
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Embedding Business Continuity Training Course

This course is designed to introduce students to the art of designing and implementing effective embedding activities as a key part of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Lifecycle. It provides a practical approach to the complexities of working with a broad range of stakeholders. A successful BCM programme is not simply a collection of validated documents. Documents are only half the story, the other half is the creation of capable individuals who can utilize plans and resources by putting them into practice to build organizational resilience. Successfully embedding business continuity requires a collaborative approach across the organization.
This course is based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines.
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Incident Response and Crisis Management Training Course

This course is a comprehensive learning opportunity covering all aspects of developing and implementing an incident response structure and crisis management capability. It begins with learning how to build an incident response structure, as introduced in the Design stage of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Lifecycle, and goes beyond incident management into learning how to build a crisis management capability in an organization. This course provides the business continuity and resilience professional with the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of this subject as well as the opportunity to apply this knowledge in the classroom using a case study and an exercise.

The course is broken down into modules exploring the concepts and principles of incident and crisis management and what tools and techniques can be applied when anticipating and assessing incidents. It also looks at the key activities, roles and responsibilities required for effective incident and crisis management.

This course is based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and reflects the current global thinking from ISO 22301 and BS 11200.
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Location Date Duration  
Online/Dubai, United Arab Emirates 21 Sep 2021 2 day(s) Book
Online/Dubai, United Arab Emirates 16 Nov 2021 2 day(s) Book

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Introduction to Business Continuity Training Course

This course is an introduction to the world of business continuity (BC). It is designed as a first step for newcomers to the subject of BC and for those for whom BC may be a part of their role or responsibilities who need to have a good understanding of the subject. This course provides the new professional with the basic knowledge and understanding of the building blocks required for developing or maintaining a robust Business Continuity Management (BCM) programme and gives those individuals with a BC related role or responsibility an introduction to the discipline.

This course is based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and reflects the current global thinking from ISO 22301.
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Introduction to Organizational Resilience Training Course

This course is designed to introduce the concept of organizational resilience and to provide students with a practical approach to build on the foundation of their existing skills and knowledge to develop and enhance resilience capabilities for their organizations. Business continuity principles and practices are essential to building resilience in organizations. Developing effective resilience capabilities requires a collaborative approach between established management disciplines. This course reflects on the UK guidance to organizational resilience BS 65000 and reflects the current global thinking at an international level.


Introduction to Organizational Resilience

Find out how this collaborative approach can help your organization anticipate risks and respond effectively to threats and opportunities.

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Policy and Programme Management Training Course

This course covers all aspects of creating and managing a successful business continuity (BC) policy and a Business Continuity Management (BCM) programme in an organization. This is often the stage of the
BCM Lifecycle where practitioners have to begin in any new role, and is essential to regularly revisit and review in any existing role. This course provides the business continuity and resilience professional
with the ability to identify key aspects of a successful policy and develop or revise one where required. Students will then learn how to use the BC policy to create, implement and manage the BCM programme as a part of building and improving organizational resilience. This course is based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and reflects the current global thinking from ISO 22301.

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Supply Chain Resilience Training Course

This course is about understanding supply chains, how they are managed and how to add resilience measures to them, and therefore, the business. It is about how to engage with those responsible for procurement and their teams to embed business continuity and resilience into the business supply chain. In the current climate of financial austerity, volatile markets and globalisation, supply chains are often under complex and global pressure. Suppliers may be located in areas of the world that suffer considerable threats from severe weather systems and many logistical problems.
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Validating Your BCM Programme Training Course

This course will help students understand how to determine their organization’s existing level of Business Continuity Management (BCM) programme maturity, and to prepare for, write and execute an assessment or audit. Validation is a key part of the BCM Lifecycle. The process of validation provides assurance that your plans and capabilities remain current and fit for purpose and identifies any areas for revision or improvement. 

This course will explore how to develop a comprehensive exercise programme to ensure that all elements of the BCM Lifecycle are validated. The course, as well as instruction, will be practical and ‘hands on’ allowing students to practice the skills and techniques taught.

This course is based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and reflects the current global thinking from ISO 22301 and ISO 22398.
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Meet the instructors
  • Khaled Al-Tawily

    Executive Manager

    Dedicated & accomplished professional with over 20 years’ distinguished career managing operational risk, business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, compliance and operations management programs. Expert in identifying potential business interruptions, developing safeguards & implementing recovery procedures. Skilled in Regulations, Governance, Risk, Operations & Business needs. Demonstrated ability to manage expectations, deliver high quality results under pressure.

  • Susanna Buson

    Business Continuity & Crisis Management Advisor

    Expert in Business Continuity and Crisis Management and promoting the resilience of organizations, she has been working in the field of resilience for more than 20 years dealing with the management of business continuity in banking, industrial and public entities. Responsible globally for Business Continuity for the UniCredit group before, and for the Finmeccanica group (Leonardo) later, in the last few years she supplies her experience as advisor supporting organizations in assessing, putting in place, exercising, improving and revising their Business Continuity programme and in the creation of innovative IT systems to support the protection and resilience of the business. She participates as a panelist in various national and international conferences and is a professor of Business Continuity and Crisis Management in Master at the MIP of Milan and the University of Genoa. Graduated in Information Sciences, MBCI certified, she is a member of the Board of the BCI Italian Forum and Approved Business Continuity (BCI) Instructor.

  • Abdullah Al Hour

    Resiliency Services Consultant

    Abdullah Al Hour has had 15 years of experience in Business Continuity and Recovery Services in Consultancy, Financial, and Telecom industries. Abdullah has worked with organizations in the Middle East region establishing and maintaining Business Continuity and Management programs and governance structures. As part of these programs, he has implemented the business continuity life cycle; Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment, Business Continuity Strategy, Plans Development, Testing, Awareness, Recovery Sites and BCM Software Tools. Along with Abdullah’s experience in Business Continuity, he has been involved in other relevant areas that includes e-Banking Risk Management, IT Risk Management and Physical Security. He participated extensively in Operational Risk Management activities through risk identification, assessment, and response. Abdullah has published a book titled “Business Continuity Management - Choosing to survive” the book shows how to systematically prepare business, not only for the unthinkable, but also for smaller incidents which, if left unattended, could well lead to major disasters. He also delivered two sessions at the BCI’s BCM World Conference in 2011 and 2012. As he has joined the Business Continuity Institute in 2007 and has progressed to become an Associate Fellow (AFBCI).

  • Magdi Hanna

    Business Continuity Consultant

    25 years of extensive experience in Consultancy (Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery & Data Center) as well as support, analyzing, designing, training, systems and network management, workflow automation, system integration and security printing.

  • Tim Marjason

    Managing Director

    Certified Business Continuity and Crisis Management Subject Matter Expert - Prior to starting his business (Marjason Consulting DWC LLC) in Dubai, UAE, Tim was a Chief Inspector and the former Head of Corporate Business Continuity Management with the Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard, London. After a long operational career, Tim’s final 10 years were in the fields of Business Continuity Management, Command and Control, Crisis Management, Emergency Preparedness, Programme Management and Business Change. Tim was the Bronze Emergency Preparedness Commander for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Tim has an extensive training development and delivery as well as conference speaking record acquired in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. He works with a variety of government organisations and private sector companies across the Middle East and beyond. Tim is an Approved Business Continuity (BCI) Instructor and a PECB Certified Trainer.

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