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  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Founded in Dubai, UAE in 2013, Marjason Consulting specialises in Organisational Resilience offering training and consultancy services in accordance with international standards (e.g. ISO 22301, BS 11200, BCI GPG) and national GCC standards (e.g. UAE NCEMA 7000) in Business Continuity Management (BCM), Crisis Management, Emergency Response and Incident Management and related fields (such as Risk, Cyber Resilience, IT DR). Marjason Consulting provides certified & bespoke training, implementation, gap assessment and facilitates simulation exercises in order to validate Emergency Response, BCM and Crisis Management plans.


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Meet the instructors
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    Thomas Bennett

    Senior Analyst, Business Continuity

    Global and Middle East BCI Award winner Resilience and Continuity Professional 2022

    Fellow of the Emergency Planning Society

    Prince II 

    HIGHLY EXPERIENCED IN ALL aspects crisis management, emergency planning and business continuity 

  • Abdullah Al Hour

    Resiliency Services Consultant

    Abdullah Al Hour has had 15 years of experience in Business Continuity and Recovery Services in Consultancy, Financial, and Telecom industries. Abdullah has worked with organizations in the Middle East region establishing and maintaining Business Continuity and Management programs and governance structures. As part of these programs, he has implemented the business continuity life cycle; Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment, Business Continuity Strategy, Plans Development, Testing, Awareness, Recovery Sites and BCM Software Tools. Along with Abdullah’s experience in Business Continuity, he has been involved in other relevant areas that includes e-Banking Risk Management, IT Risk Management and Physical Security. He participated extensively in Operational Risk Management activities through risk identification, assessment, and response. Abdullah has published a book titled “Business Continuity Management - Choosing to survive” the book shows how to systematically prepare business, not only for the unthinkable, but also for smaller incidents which, if left unattended, could well lead to major disasters. He also delivered two sessions at the BCI’s BCM World Conference in 2011 and 2012. As he has joined the Business Continuity Institute in 2007 and has progressed to become an Associate Fellow (AFBCI).

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    Raouf Riahi

    Operational Risk Manager, Business Continuity Consultant

    Raouf is an experienced and knowledgeable business continuity, crisis management consultant having worked with various international organizations including USAID funded projects, CIPRES, as well as a large collection of other organizations from different sectors, such as oil and gas, financial institutions, social protection organisms, defense and security, public administration, IT companies and others. Raouf has an experience establishing and auditing business Continuity plans and Programs with more than 10.000 hours of implementation of BCPs. He is also a certified PECB trainer, approved instructor with the Tunisian national centre for professional development, and a BCI approved instructor with Marjason Consulting DWC-LLC, with a training experience for more than 20 years in different disciplines, including:  Business Continuity, Crisis Management, organizational Resilience and Operational resilience, Security and Emergency Management; Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) - personal safety and security; female safety and security awareness program; fleet management and safe driver program; guard force management program; and bullying and workplace violence. Raouf is also expert in running emergency and crisis management team exercises.

    Raouf is a highly effective communicator, briefing at senior government level, as well as to Ambassadors and COPs/Program Leaders on a range of business continuity, risk management, crisis management and security issues, as well as dealing with the international media. Bringing considerable experience working directly with CEOs and other industry leaders, he has supported both business goals and operational planning. Able to balance tact and diplomacy with frank and forthright assessments, he engenders a collaborative approach to gain buy-in at all levels.

    During his career, he has worked with different partners in the USA, France, Italy, Canada, UAE, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Benin, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, and other countries. This included several sectors such as government, military, maritime and port authorities, the oil and gas sector, NGOs, international commercial organisations, education, health, social security, insurance, IT, and financial fields.

    A member of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), PECB ISO 22301 Senior Lead Implementer and Trainer, PECB ISO 21502 Senior Lead Project Manager and Trainer, winner of the BCI Africa awards 2021 and 2022. He is also the Vice Chair of the BCI North and West Africa Chapter and member of the International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP) and is a speaker at the national and international levels: this includes the BCI World Horizons international Conference 2021 and 2022; the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN); and for universities and schools. He is the author of more than 30 articles on business continuity and resilience topics.

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    Huda Al-Rasheed

    Snr. Analyst Cyber Security

  • Tim BCI website_111649887.jpg

    Tim Marjason

    Managing Director

    Certified Business Continuity and Crisis Management Subject Matter Expert - Prior to starting his business (Marjason Consulting DWC LLC) in Dubai, UAE, Tim was a Chief Inspector and the former Head of Corporate Business Continuity Management with the Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard, London. After a long operational career, Tim’s final 10 years were in the fields of Business Continuity Management, Command and Control, Crisis Management, Emergency Preparedness, Programme Management and Business Change. Tim was the Bronze Emergency Preparedness Commander for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Tim has an extensive training development and delivery as well as conference speaking record acquired in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. He works with a variety of government organisations and private sector companies across the Middle East and beyond. Tim is an Approved Business Continuity (BCI) Instructor and a PECB Certified Trainer.

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