BCI Australasian Chapter Event - Navigating through the storm of Psychosocial and BC

  • 7 Dec 2023
  • ReadiNow Suite 202, Level 2 55 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000, 3:45PM (AEDT)

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In this one-hour session, we delve into the crucial interplay between mental wellbeing and robust business continuity amidst organizational disruptions, rendering a guide to ensure not only the seamless operation of businesses but also the preservation and support of employee psychological health. Firstly, we will explore the mechanics of successfully integrating psychosocial hazards into your business continuity plan, mapping a path that ensures your organization remains not only functionally resilient but also a bulwark of support for your team's mental wellbeing during trying times.

Secondly, the session will illuminate the application of the mental health continuum in evaluating wellbeing deterioration during disruptions, providing a structured, systematic approach to identifying, assessing, and addressing mental health challenges even amidst ongoing crises.

Thirdly, attendees will unlock strategies to scale psychological first aid within their organizations , a critical element to forestall and mitigate the mental and emotional strains that disruptions can precipitate. We'll tackle pragmatic, scalable solutions that can be deployed effectively regardless of organizational size or industry.

Lastly, we will confer on HR’s pivotal role in stewarding change and safeguarding mental wellbeing during disruptions, dissecting actionable insights on how HR can champion, implement, and sustain initiatives that fuse mental wellbeing seamlessly into business continuity frameworks. Each outcome, while providing deep dives into their respective areas, will collectively weave a tapestry that underscores the indispensability of considering mental health as a cornerstone in business continuity and disruption management. Join us to gain pragmatic, insightful strategies that will fortify your organisation both operationally and psychologically, ensuring sustainable, holistic resilience in the face of future disruptions.



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