GPG Edition 7.0 - PP1 – Establishing a business continuity management system

  • 22 Feb 2024
  • , 2:00PM (AEDT), Australia

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This webinar will provide an overview of the first Professional Practice (PP1), which covers the professional practice of establishing a business continuity management system.

PP1 outlines how a business continuity management system should be designed and implemented as a programme. It also establishes a policy and governance process to maintain a business continuity management system through an ongoing cycle of activities.

This webinar will also briefly cover the differences between the GPG 2018 and the GPG Edition 7.0 Rinske Geerlings and Daman Dev Sood will facilitate this webinar.


  • Rinske Geerlings

    Managing Director , Business As Usual

    Rinske draws on more than 25 years’ experience gained during roles across Australasia, Africa, Europe and South America. In 2006 she founded Business As Usual, under which she has assisted seven Australian Councils, the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet, the high Court of Australia, 15 Central Banks, DFAT, Lenovo, BBC, Shell, Fuji Xerox and hundreds of other public and private organisations. Rinske applies a fresh, energetic, fun, practical, easy-to-apply, innovative approach to topics often perceived as dull and cumbersome. Rinske is a multi-award winning, internationally knownconsultant, speaker and certified Business Continuity Management (BCM), Information Security and Risk Management trainer.

  • Daman Dev Sood

    Daman Dev Sood is a certified international and corporate Trainer, consultant and practitioner in Resilience domain with over 38 years in industry, over 18 years in Resilience domains. Daman is experienced in operational resilience, organisational resilience, business continuity management, crisis management/ communication, risk management, and cybersecurity. Daman has served multiple companies, countries, and industries. In his last role he worked as Program Director – Operational Resilience at EY and provided services to HSBC, UK for their Operational Resilience Program (a major transformation program).

  • Shaun Allingham


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