What is CRVW?

Help the BCI to achieve its vision of creating "a world where all organizations, communities and societies become more resilient". 

The 4th Community Resilience Volunteer Week (CRVW) encourages Business Continuity and Resilience professionals to participate in pro bono work to enable communities to benefit from their valuable skillsets. It takes place between 11th-15th July 2022 although contributions can be made all year round.

Pro bono work can help you develop resilience in both a professional and personal capacity while providing you with valuable real-life experience that can positively influence many areas of your career and boost your CV. 

CRVW will help raise awareness of the fantastic volunteer work the community is currently participating in while helping to connect professionals with volunteering opportunities and providing advice on how to find and get the most out of pro bono opportunities. 

You can get involved by helping local charities or not for profit organisations with their business continuity plans or volunteer for a charitable cause.