Building resilient cities

  • 7 Mar 2024
  • , 4:00PM (WAT)

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During this enlightening webinar, we will explore the intricate relationship between business continuity and urban resilience, with a special focus on the Disaster Resilience Scorecard designed specifically for cities. This innovative tool provides a comprehensive suite of assessments, empowering local governments to monitor their progress and challenges in adhering to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction: 2015-2030. Through detailed evaluations, city officials can identify areas of strength and improvement in disaster preparedness and response, fostering a proactive approach to risk management.

Throughout the session, we'll delve into the significance of aligning business continuity strategies with the Disaster Resilience Scorecard, showcasing how this integration can arm cities with the capabilities needed to adeptly navigate and mitigate a diverse range of disaster risks. By incorporating business continuity principles into their overall disaster resilience framework, cities can ensure the continuity of critical services and functions during times of crisis, minimizing disruptions and enhancing overall community resilience.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Insights into resilience: participants will gain a deeper understanding of resilience within communities, learning how to strengthen their ability to withstand and recover from disasters.
  • Practical business continuity strategies: attendees will acquire practical strategies for developing and implementing effective BC plans. These strategies can be immediately applied to enhance disaster preparedness.
  • Leveraging yechnology and best practices: The webinar will explore how technology and industry best practices can be harnessed to improve disaster response efforts. Participants will learn actionable steps to enhance their community’s resilience.
  • Collaboration and knowledge-sharing: by fostering collaboration among stakeholders, attendees will discover ways to create a network of support. Knowledge-sharing will empower cities to collectively build resilient communities.
  • Empowering sustainable urban development: Participants will explore how resilient communities contribute to long-term sustainability.
  • First steps in disaster resilience: this engaging webinar serves as a foundational step toward bolstering disaster resilience. Attendees will leave with practical insights and resources to kickstart their community’s resilience journey.

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